Welcome to Spiritside Chats!

On the new and full moon of every month, we host open talks for anyone who has pledged on Patreon to come and join in a spiritside chat!

Some of the many topics we discuss go into meditation, healing, astrology, astral travel, ego integration, health and nutrition and so much more. Literally, nothing is off limits! The flow is always open, we love hearing from you and what you’re up to as well!

These talks are important as we grow this community of like minded people who want to evolve their consciousness and do it together with friends! It’s a great opportunity to meet similar people and create lasting friendships.

If this is something you’d be interested in, then we hope to see you on the calls in the future! You can join the calls by subscribing to our Patreon right here.

Spiritside Chats ~ Full Moon in July

1h 41m

This full moon chat we discuss the all pervading Ganesha mantra as we look at the obstacles in our life and hold a space to keep moving forward!

We also go over some conspiracies and talk about the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish here on Earth!

Spiritside Chats ~ New Moon in June! (Hey that rhymes!)

1h 25m

This new moon chat we discuss many different topics! Aaron dives into his knowledge of mantras, meditations, different practices we’ve been experimenting with, and the fundamental shifts they can bring into our lives.

Aaron and Dria explore more about fasting and it’s effects as well as Team Spirit was deep in a 6 day fast at the time.

We also have our dear friend Jocelyn graciously talk about the archetype of each zodiac sign and how it can apply to you and your personality. If you want to see the specific information, check out the video itself!

Spiritside Chats ~ Strawberry Full Moon in June

1h 47m

This is our first episode broadcasting from the new spirit house, where Team Spirit has been creating new projects from!

In this chat we talk about different styles of meditation, mantras, mala’s and how we can integrate their use into our daily lives.

We also explain our own experiences with fasting, how it affects us and some supplements to use if you want to explore a fast on your own!

Spiritside Chats ~ A Very Auspicious New Moon in May

1h 26m

In this call we touch upon a very interesting wave of energy called the”9th Wave”.

This special day has been regarded as more energetically important than December 21st, 2012. The energy of May 24th brought in a lot of new information, which is discussed during this talk!

We also dive into the different planes of reality, the astrological events taking place at that time, and what it all means for us as humanity!

Spiritside Chats ~ Full Moon in May

1h 43m

Many people join this call as our spirit family unites once again to talk about an array of beautiful topics!

This episode we cover concepts of what love and spirituality really means to us, and how we can globally unify humanity together.

We also touch upon some aspects of health and the tarot as we begin to complete our own tarot deck.

Spiritside Chats ~ Spiritual Journeys, Earth and Body Changes, and SpiSci Updates

1h 26m

This episode is filled with many of our friends, all coming together to talk about a plethora of interesting topics!

We explore many spiritually based discussions, from the power of mantras, the resonance of the earth’s frequency and taking your own spiritual journey.

We also touch upon some of the energetic changes we’re experiencing on the planet as well as some new projects coming to fruition!

Spiritside Chats ~ Health, Diet, Meat, Dairy, and Cleansing

1h 24m

This episode dives into topics of what we eat and how it affects our body. Joined by a few friends, we explore what foods like meat and dairy do to the body, versus plant based foods.

We discuss the importance of cleansing our body as well. Over time we can accumulate toxins within us that need to eventually be flushed if we wish to maintain a balance within us.

Spiritside Chats ~ Health, Healing, & Changing the World

1h 5m

In this Spiritside chat Jordan, Aaron and our friend Chelce who join us to discuss the importance of eating healthy food and how it changes our body, both physically and energetically.

We also dive into the changes happening on a global scale and the shifts taking place in our collective consciousness structure!

There is also a little bit of a “sneak-peek” on some of the new creations that we’re working very diligently to complete and showcase very soon!

Spiritside Chats ~ Feb Eclipse 2017 with Drunvalo

1h 26m

This is an incredibly special call Jordan had with Drunvalo Melchizedek himself!

Drunvalo has been a monumental force in Spirit Science’s growth, as the original Spirit Science animated series was based off of Drunvalo’s book The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life!

This episode is filled with fascinating information on ancient knowledge, new discoveries and where humanity is headed as a collective.

Spiritside Chats ~ Full Moon in February

1h 29m

This is our first live chat that started them all! Each chat covers a wide array of topics that flow naturally depending on the people, energy and focus of that call.

In this video, Jordan starts the call off with a singing bowl meditation to ground in the energy and a brief discussion of what everyone experiencing during it.

This full moon had a lot of intense energies which is largely talked about in this video. We also dive into topics of astrology and the alignment of celestial bodies, meditations and some shifts that were happening within Spirit Science at that time.