Welcome to Spirit Specials

We occasionally create videos outside of our normal Spirit Science episodes and call these creations Spirit Specials!

Some of these videos include content we have been featured in or videos that have been shared with us from our various partners.

We hope you enjoy the Spirit Specials as much as we did making them!

Spirit Specials
An Invitation of a Lifetime ~ Journey to Rythmia


Today we have a very special presentation for you – an invitation like none we’ve ever seen. This summer, you are invited to come and participate in sacred plant medicine ceremonies with us at Rythmia, film a documentary, and transform life as you know it!

Spirit Specials
A Complete Introduction to Psychedelics ~ Science & Origins


Journey deep into our sub conscious to discover the effects of psychedelics on the body, mind and soul.


Spirit Specials
Secrets of the Pineal Gland


Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore and they knew the role the pineal gland plays in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal.


Spirit Specials
Spirit Science ~ Happy New Year 2018!!


As we strive into the future, let us reflect upon the past, who we were and what we learned, in order to make the best decisions and embody the highest selves we can possibly be!

We have a LOT planned, and with Patch Tarot out of the way, we should start making a lot of new content really soon!

Spirit Specials
Spirit Science ~ Happy New Year 2017!!


And just like that, Patchman has returned! There’s a lot that gets covered and discussed in this video!

We sorta needed to catch up didn’t we?

Spirit Specials
Aloha Ke Akua ~ Awaken and Transformation


To all of those who spend their lives giving love to those in need, bless your hearts. This video is for you!

To Nahko Bear & Friends – Thank you for your love. Your music is amazing!

Spirit Specials
Spirit Science Announcement ~ Rebirth and Renewal


We’re asking for your help. As of today we are launching the first ever Spirit Studios Patreon! This is basically a recurring kickstarter which will be the basis of our membership platform. Different tiers are available for those who are interested in participation.

Your pledges will get you rewards, ranging from behind the scenes info and updates on what is going on, all the way to a private community chat for everyone to talk and connect with each other, as well as an invitation to a monthly google hangout and even in-person gatherings.


Spirit Specials
Clarity on Spirit Science


There have been a lot of questions recently about Spirit Science and it’s evolution. What are we up to, where are we going.

So we decided to put together this video to shine some Clarity on the matter.

Spirit Specials
Give Thanks!


Hey Everyone! This is a music video Jordan cut together for everyone for Thanksgiving & Beyond! The song is called “Give Thanks” By +Elijah & The Band of Light, one of my biggest inspirations.

Spirit Specials
An Experiment in Expression


Words are very fascinating, because some Words have an intrinsic meaning that goes along with the vibration, and other words have no meaning, but we give them meaning based on how we use them. Many words are incredibly misunderstood in our day and age, and to look at the Roots of the word will yield a deeper understanding of why we use the word like we do.

The Expression of the Universe manifests as you, and the All of Infinity. You and I are an expression of the Source Consciousness Field, and we can Express ourselves in any way that we choose.

Spirit Specials
The Origins of Spirit Science


In this crazy high frequency time were in, it’s hard to keep track of everything going on, especially if you’re new to the world of Spirit Science.

Today, Jordan will take you on a personal journey through his life, the experiences he has had in the last year, how it formed Spirit Science and what were doing now.