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Although the mainstream scientific world would have us believe that people are losing their belief in God and religion is downswing, the truth is is that presently, the percentage of the world’s population that is actually Atheist is actually very small, with almost half of the world’s population following either Islam or Christianity, and smaller denominations Eastern Spiritualities from there, and then indigenous faiths continuing from there.

Spiritual diversity has become of great interest to us, and for the longest time have asked the question, why do people believe what they believe… So, we set out on a research and creation quest to try and understand them, with a video series called Minute Faith. Each clip from this movie are taken from individual Minute Faith episodes, which are currently being posted regularly on the Spirit Studios Youtube channel!

The more that we research, study, and learn, and the more that we find that the common strains among all religions and faiths are many, and in fact almost all of them share very many common interconnected points. Take animism for example, this is one of the world’s oldest belief systems spanning to, as historians have estimated as far back as 2 million years ago, way before any religion ever existed.

UPDATE: We am aware that we goofed by not fixing the minor mistakes on several of the videos, including the end of Falun Gong, and that we’re working on a Minute Faith video that includes revisions and “bug fixes”, which will then also get published on Hour Faith 2!

UPDATE 2: Forgive us for our wording in the very beginning. Atheism IS on the rise, however it’s very small, at only 2%. We didn’t mean to discredit the fact that Atheism wasn’t on the rise, merely to point out that comparatively, it’s not very big.

  • Cliff Prometheus Nies
    Posted at 13:42h, 30 January Reply

    I have felt that we are a unified whole. The Earth is a conscious being as other astral bodys have spiritual consciousness. Plants communicate with each other. I believe organized religion has been perverted and it deviated from true spirtuality. Animals have souls. They love, feel, hunger. The idea is not to prey to have a painless life but to have the strength to endure the life that was chosen for our spiritual grouth. We are striking at the spiritual world and it is attacking back. The ocaen life is dying that give more oxygen than all the rain forest. All life is connected. it is materialism and greed. America was built on profiteerism. Pirates were given the rite to do what they must to make England a super power. Religion: pirate north america was built by profiteers. The so called Virgin Queen Elizabeth the 1st was the head of the new church of England instead of the Holy Roman Empire. The Roman chose the Virgin mary so the church of England had to have a feminism. As the egyptians used Isis. Gnostic means knowing Enlightenment. The christ spirit is a the state or quality of divinity. . Very enlightening. The cross was used to measure the stars. The Egyptian’s used this cross with a v on top of the cross to place a plumb line. This is where The Egyptian god of death was Anubis that used a scale that looked like a cross with the v on top to place strings of the plumb lines to weigh the heart to the procession of the Earth to the universe.

    • Spirit Science
      Posted at 16:03h, 01 February Reply

      We are all one 😀

  • Anai :)
    Posted at 06:59h, 29 August Reply

    I love your passion to explain this ! I totally agree that every serious religion has identified the same universal truth but expressed in different way according to the culture is developed and science is finding the same truth E=mc^2. Energy=Bramha creates everything that exists, mass= vishnu which is everything created and light= Shiva the interaction between the creator and creation therefore energy and mass LOL. I learnt it in mahajrya buddhist tradition haha where we study the ascended masters and their wisdom is spread indistinctly so anyone can choose according to their preference. I just find so accurate your thought that I wanted to post haha. Thanks for the great videos!! 🙂

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