Hoods are considered sacred in many religions and belief systems. The use of hoods for spiritual practices span way back beyond recorded time. They have been practically used for shading our heads from the sun, but also hold different spiritual purposes as well. Wiccans would use the hood for cloaking and concealment. In medieval times, the hooded robe was used to conceal one’s identity when traveling to and from a sacred meeting.

If you were seen, you might be burned at the stake. Hoods have been a staple in many different sacred rituals throughout time. Dressing the same as your peers creates a sense of unity for those involved. This is especially important with secret societies who needed to keep their identity hidden from the public eye.

In modern Wicca, the hood helps the witch filter out the mundane and go deep within to discover his or her magical powers. If you do not have a hooded robe, you can use a shawl or a black soft fabric to cover the head during ritual.

Hoods have been known to aid your concentration and focus during your meditation and spell casting. Hoods can be used while in meditation for increasing concentration because when you narrow your vision, your focus comes to you more naturally. There is less of the external world to focus on, so you turn your attention inward. The color of your hood can greatly affect your purpose as well.

As everything is fundamentally energy, the different frequency of color can hold different purposes. A red hood can channel aspects of our root chakra, focusing more on survival and physical health. If you choose a purple hood, that brings in energy from our crown chakra, focusing deeper on our spiritual connection. Choose it carefully, especially if you are sensitive to energy.

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