One of the most used tools in the olden days spanning back through the mysteries of Egypt and Greece, and well into many of the religions that formed afterwards, candles were essentially regarded as vessels that carry and deliver prayers. They were also used on an altar to honor gods and goddesses and the four elements.

Even today, they are an important part of ceremonies and creating sacred spaces across many religions and belief systems, all the way to creating a mood for a romantic evening and celebrating a birthday.

Their colors and shapes have different meanings. Red for love or energy, and pink for flirtation, harmony, or emotional healing. Orange for success and motivation, and brown for earthly, grounding stability. Black for protection or cursing, and white for holy protection.

Green for prosperity and happiness. Purple for great insight and wisdom. Yellow for success, fame, and glory. Some of the more higher quality candles are made out of beeswax, rather than an artificial base. These candles generally smell a lot more natural as well.

You can use them to create a sacred space for any particular event, from your own personal meditation to a special mood for someone you love.  The dim light of a candle allows us to focus more internally, rather than our external world.

The next time you’re creating a special space for yourself or someone else, use candles to create a calm and safe environment. Many candles have delicious smells that emanate from the wax as it melts. Anything from lavender, cinnamon, and orange, all the way to oddly specific smells like marshmallows and even fabric softener have been created. It all depends on what mood and space you’re trying to create. Remember, the more artificial smells are generally created from chemicals rather than essential oils.

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