Cannabis or Marijuana use and cultivation dates back to 2737 BC, though it is said to have been used long before then.

The Ancient Chinese, Hindus, Scythians, Thracians, and many others smoked ganja and hashish, as well as ate the seeds for their hallucinatory effects. It is even a common idea today that Christ used Cannabis Oil in his work. Even George Washington grew it in his backyard.

Hemp, the non-psychoactive component of the plant, was and is still used to make clothing, medicine, ink, and fuel.

Study after Study has found that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, and in fact has many herbal and healing benefits when used responsibly.  Cannabis contains within it many kinds of cannabinoids, molecules with specific effects on the body. The main 2 that most people are concerned with are called THC and CBD. THC is what gives marijuana a psychoactive effect, and CBD causes pain relief and supports healing in the body.  It is the CBD oil which has been known to help heal terminal illnesses such as cancer.

Within the THC cannabinoid there are 2 predominant groups that are cultivated. These are called Sativa, and Indica. Normally, when smoking this herb, sativa is known as the daytime, creative and energetic strain. Indica is used more for pain and going to sleep.

Marijuana has been known to have the following health benefits: Treating Migraines, Preventing Alzheimer’s, Slowing Tumor Growth, Relieving Symptoms of Chronic Diseases, Treating Glaucoma, Preventing Seizures, Helping those with ADD & ADHD, Treating Multiple Sclerosis, Calms those with tourette’s and OCD and Helping to relieve PMS pains!

Keep in mind that marijuana is ultimately a healing medicine. It should be used as a tool or way of healing, more than a drug or a crutch. While it’s actually been shown to help people ween off different drugs, it’s very important to make sure to not use it as a crutch in your life. It’s all about balance in the end.

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  • Laurel Roma
    Posted at 19:33h, 04 April Reply

    You will LOVE this! It’s very amazing if it is true. You have probably heard of “Adam Ruins Everything.” This one is why pot is really illegal.

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