Welcome to the Spirit Store!

About the Spirit Store

Welcome to the Spirit Store! This is the central hub where you can find an array of magical items to purchase! Each and every item on this store has been hand made by us, whether its Spirit Shirts, Meditations, Patch Tarot, or even our books. These items were crafted very purposefully with the intent to aid you on your spiritual journey.

Spirit Shirts

One of the first products every produced by Jordan and Team Spirit has been the Spirit Shirts! These are comfortable, crystal infused clothing that fill your day with the energies of different, powerful crystals! Our Sacral shirt has refined Citrine, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, and Tiger’s Eye within the ink, and embedded onto organic bamboo fibers with chemical free inks. We have a whole page explaining more about how the shirts are made and the dream behind them, to learn more about Spirit Shirts, click here!

Our shirts are currently hand made in Australia and have traveled around the world before they would find their way to your home! In this moment, we can only make them in small batches, and supplies are quite limited. If you would like to be notified about when new shirts are available, you can sign up on our email list here and selecting Spirit Shirts from the interests list!

Patch Tarot

Introducing the first ever Spirit Science based Tarot deck, Patch Tarot is now available! Right now you can get a special bundle for the Book of Patch, the over 600 page tarot super book along with digital versions of the cards, a HD wallpaper pack and the Wisdom Wall, a printable resource for your tarot needs! These decks have received great feedback and you can learn more about this limited time bundle here!

To send us a message about Patch Tarot or submit your review, click here! Or keep reading more about Tarot and our specific deck by visiting the Patch Tarot page!


For several years now, Jordan has been writing a book exploring the nature of thoughts, consciousness, and everything in reality called U n I. The first part of this book is currently available for digital download, which comes with a free update on all future versions as they are released over time. The book’s grand finale is also in the works, which should be out by the end of this year.

U n I is an ongoing book within Spirit Science’s evolution, which chronicles not only the expansion and growth of Jordan’s own awareness, but ideas on what consciousness even is to begin with.  With this purchase you will receive all future updates for free until the all the chapters of the book are available. This version contains a copy of the first chapters 1-4, and the beginning of chapter 5 as well. The totality of the book is coming to a final completion soon!


Drunvalo Melchizedek

As Drunvalo has provided such tremendous insight and support through the years as a result of his work we are pleased to share his work and promotion of the uplifting efforts of our family! Check out his Flower of Sunlight oil, which was created using the highest quality cold-pressed organic essential oils and the most powerful quantum infusion available, this truly is a one-of-a-kind product, which we hold in the highest regard of spiritual tools!

Conscious Planet

The name in this one says it all! Created by a conscious minded individual, Charles Holmes, this company is helping aid in our human collective health and well-being by creating conscious health products designed to uplift the body and mind! Every item has gone through rigorous humane testing to ensure it will provide our body what it needs in the way it needs it! We particularly recommend Genesis, which is their mono-atomic gold mineral elixir that enhances brain function. We know that you will love it just like we do!

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