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This series covers many of the aspects within the ever-growing topic of Spiritual Health. There are so many interpretations out there surrounding spiritual health. To us, Spiritual Health is to continually discover deeper truths about who and what we really are – and then to create fundamental connections between our human self, our higher or true selves, and the divine energy that is the great and infinite All! But this is only the beginning! Spiritual Health starts by establishing your understanding of the part of you that is so much more than human, and then it goes further by taking this information and moving forward in your life with the remembrance of how to act with compassion and love for all of creation!

As always, we encourage you to have your own experience. Don’t take what we say or what anyone else says as “ultimate truth”, you must decide within yourself what you resonate with, and follow that path if it leads you to spiritual fulfillment. At the end of the day, we have faith that all life will move into harmony with each other! We learn so much from being open to sharing our experiences with others and by listening to what they have to say, so keep your heart open to others around you and have faith in the light within them too!

One of the greatest tools we have at our disposal for spiritual health is the practice of meditation. Not any one specific meditation, just meditation itself in general. Taking a moment of your day every day to reconnect with your inner self, your divine guides, or God will bring more enlightenment into your life! May your spiritual journey take you exactly where you need to be, in every moment of every day!

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