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Here you will find all of our new videos that explore the vast topic of Physical Health and its many different variations. Physical health includes not only maintaining a healthy diet and physical exercise, but also includes our environments, and the observation of everything that happens around us.

This is why we included videos like “Water”, and “The Four Elements”, because by deepening our understanding of our physical world helps us understand how we shape not only our own physical health, but the health of our planet as well!

Perhaps the biggest part about Physical health is taking healthy actions, so to be healthy physically one must take the actions that are required to get there! Creating a comfortable level of self control and consciously acting with health in mind is an essential step towards complete balanced health.

We have included the Everyday Magical Things series in this section as becoming aware of the magical nature of all physical creation and then taking healthy actions that support and uplift all the wonders around you will have a tremendous impact on your current health!

Healthy feelings, healthy thoughts, and healthy intentions, along with healthy actions are what create and shape a balanced You.

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