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This series below is all about Philosophy! Philosophy is defined as “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline”. Thus, here we are interested in exploring the topics of Spirit Science which pertain to ancient wisdom, secret teachings, esoteric knowledge, or forms of sciences which have yet to be fully demonstrated through modern science.

When you think about it, going back to Ancient Greece or even Ancient Egypt, the original forms of philosophy were truly in line with what today we call modern science. They were concerned with understanding the makeup of the universe, but they didn’t have the tools to measure it with, and so they used geometry, mathematics, and their own experiences of life to determine how the forces of the cosmos operated.

In these videos below you will find just that, with plenty more on the way! We thoroughly hope you enjoy your experiences exploring not only these perspectives on the universe, but your own consciousness as well.

We have also included the Minute Faith Series within this section, you may ask why is this not apart of Spiritual Health? Though our experiences we have found that there is a difference between the beliefs of Religions and the innate practices of prayer or meditation to connect yourself with the divine. So let your spiritual health be uniquely your own experience, but still learn the philosophy of others to help grow in your personal understanding!

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