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This series covers the different aspects of the vast topic that is Mental Health. What does it mean to be mentally healthy? On average we can have between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts flow through our minds in a single day! How many of these thoughts are positive or helpful to your personal well being, how many are not? How positive and clear your thoughts are on average is a good indicator of your current state of mental health.

In these videos, we cover topics relating to mental health by looking at how to guide your thoughts to positive focuses, through actions such as meditation, becoming aware of your heart and the energy fields around you. When you guide your awareness to these things, your perspective will naturally start to balance itself which ultimately improves our mental health!

We have included the Everyday Magical Things videos in this section as well as becoming aware of the magical nature of all creation and thinking thoughts which are supportive and uplifting to all the wonders around you will have a tremendous impact on your current state of being!

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