Atlantis fell into a state of survival. Their consciousness had dropped so drastically, life was merely about surviving until the next day. The Naacals were able to get as many as the lower dimensional beings back to where they came from and patch up the inter-dimensional tears.

Still, the Atlanteans had become very sick with different illnesses and it was only getting worse. The only thing the Nacaals could do was to pray and meditate for help from the highest levels of consciousness in the universe.

The information they received was that they were going to fall, they had to hit rock bottom and build their way back up to christ (unity) consciousness. The only problem was, they only had 13,000 years, and this process usually takes over 100,000 years to complete.

Thoth, Ra and Aragat, all ascended masters among the Nacaals, helped create an artificial consciousness grid that would help speed up our ascension. These beings were existing on a 6th dimensional level of reality and were very spiritually advanced. They started by creating the grid on the 4th dimension and then translated their energetic structures down onto the physical third dimension.

To do this, they created some of the most famous pyramids and temples we know today. These pyramids were created from the top down, and very quickly as these beings were able to manifest thoughts purely through intention, will and focus. These pyramids were used as tools to anchor in the consciousness grid and help keep them stable.

As a side note for those who might be curious: In the end, Earth survived! The grid was completed and remains there today, although it’s not used to its full potential. As we continue to grow and activate our own DNA and human consciousness, we are rising in love into our christ consciousness grid, which is now available to all who wish to tap into it.

The adventure continues in episode 4 of the human history saga!

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1

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