This episode dives into the deep and mysterious world of the Qabalah, also known as the Tree of Life. This ancient system is a cosmic glyph, said to describe everything in creation with tremendous detail, how the universe comes into being, the structure of our consciousness, and how to live within the natural forces of nature.

Dion Fortune, an adept occultist and author wrote:

The curious symbol-system, known to us as the Tree of Life, is an attempt to reduce to diagrammatic form, every force and factor in the manifested universe, and the soul of man; to correlate them one to another, and reveal them spread out, as on a map, so that the relative positions of each unit can be seen, and the relations between them traced. In brief, the Tree of Life is a compendium of science, psychology, philosophy, and theology.

The information on the Qabalah is incredibly detailed, and in this episode we begin to unravel its secrets by exploring an overview of its systematic structure. In this know that we are only looking at just the tip of the iceberg.

The Tree of Life in its simplest sense is made up of 10 spheres and 22 interconnecting pathways. These are often added together, and described as the 32 paths of the Tree of Life.

The 10 spheres are known as the Sephiroth (plural) or Sephira (individual). These Spheres represent different divine emanations or outpourings of energy in the continuous flow and evolution of the universe. They are numbered one through ten, each of which holds the numerological correspondence that you might expect when studying basic numerology.

Each Sephiroth represents a unique perspective of divine power, and by our awareness of them we can gain insights from each level to help us on our spiritual journey. The 22 Pathways lay in between these 10 Sephiroth, and are each associated with the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, as well as the 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot. This video also briefly touches upon the polarities of the tree, it’s triangles, barriers, and relationship with the four elements!

As we continue throughout this series, we will be continuing to develop more and more details in each of these categories discussed, as well as some of the other topics that we did not cover, such as Ain Soph Aur, Daath, and more!



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    ☃Thank you,❄ you have helped me and my Mother gain a understanding about the food we eat to THE MATH OF GOD my words can’t tell nor show you how much i appreciate the videos you make. ❅ Thank you x2. ❆

    • Spirit Science
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      Thank you for your comments! We really appreciate your feedback and wish both you and your mother all the best! Peace and Love! <3

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    Hi, I would like to thank you for your amazing work.. It helped me alot n understanding many things. I want to donate to ur channel, I cant make a monthly subscription! But i would like to support you as i could 🙂 how can i do that?

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      Hi Sara! We have a section about supporting the studio on our About Us Page which now includes a delivery address for you to mail a donation to, and a PayPal donate button. Thank you in advance for any contributions to our studio! It is very much appreciated 😀

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