This episode uncovers some of the secrets of the moon. Where did it come from? What’s its true purpose?

There are a lot of anomalies about the moon which stand out as peculiar to say the least. When we compare it in size to other planets and their moons, ours is much larger. In fact, our moon is bigger than pluto itself! When scientists were first trying to figure out how it came to be, they first said that a large planet sized rock crashed into the earth, then stayed within earth’s magnetic pull.

When that model didn’t quite fit, they speculated that perhaps it hit twice, then became our moon. Needless to say, we’re still not sure, for even this model doesn’t fit perfectly.

In the 1960s, NASA crashed a lunar module equivalent to the amount of 1 ton of TNT on the surface of moon and found that it reverberated like a gong for up to half an hour. They did it again with a crash equivalent to 11 tons of TNT and saw that it reverberated for up to four hours. The way in which it moved showed that it could be hollow inside.

The surface of the moon contains minerals that as far as we know, aren’t naturally produced. Does this mean that the rocks on the moon are synthetic? Could the moon be an artificial structure?!

On another strange note, why does the moon always face the same direction? It doesn’t spin like all the other planets or the other planets moons, and so we are left with a mysterious dark side that no one ever sees.

There is a fascinating theory that says a planet called Nibiru hit earth and threw us off our planet’s natural course. So, to keep our natural orbital spin, an advanced race or higher consciousness put it there to help our planet survive. This is of course, just one of many ideas…

Nevertheless, there is something very special about our moon, it isn’t just a random rock that just so happens to be there. We still don’t have the answers, at least, the public doesn’t! Perhaps only time will tell the ancient secrets of the moon…

Who Built The Moon? – David Icke

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Who Built the Moon?

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    Any reason why you put rocks around your campfire like that?

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    This new information to me; thank you i have to look into it.

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