The human history adventure begins here with the rise of Atlantis. This covers the misconceptions we have on humanity’s past and the beginning of the history of atlantis. These episodes sparked huge debate across the internet, and all we can say is: please have your own experience.

As the story goes: long ago humans existed in a much higher state of consciousness. We were interdimensional beings that didn’t need verbal or written communication. We spoke telepathically, intuitively and understood each other much more deeply. There is a story of how we got here, and this will be explored in the second human history series. For now, just flow with it.

According to the story, humanity existed on a small string of islands called Lemuria. Our consciousness went through a shift, and  a new island emerged out of the ocean that we know today as Atlantis.

Back then, there were about 1000 very advanced humans called the Nacaals, which we would call “ascended masters” today. They projected their energy together to create a unified land mass that would be known as Atlantis.

There were ten vortexes which energetically pulled the Lemurians towards Atlantis, and they created cities around each one. Two remained open, which drew in two different species from outside of the Earth. One of them were the Hebrew people, who were more left brained and focused more on the male aspects of reality like logic, math and geometry. The people of Atlantis were completely female brained, and together they created a harmonious balance.

Then, another species came to Atlantis  from the planet of Mars. These beings could be described as having previously engaged in the Lucifer experiment, which is known as Source (or Spirit) cutting itself off from itself. This is merely another way of understanding reality, and is not inherently bad or good, however – the Lucifer Experiment does cause disruption to a species and its environment, because they do not act as a unified body with the rest of nature anymore.

The martians became solely left brained when they cut themselves off from love, and ended up fighting so much that they blew up their own home planet. A group of martians wanted to get off their planet, so they created an artificial merkaba and came to Atlantis. Because there were open energy vortexes just pulling in light, they were drawn to it, and soon made Atlantis their new home.

The story continues in episode 2 of the first human history saga!

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 2

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