This episode covers the importance of incorporating meditation into your life and how it affects you physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. This concept takes all that has been discussed previously, and applies it directly to your own personal and spiritual experiences.

Over the course of history, and even more and more today,  there have been literally hundreds – if not thousands of studies showing the positive effects that meditation has on us.

Meditation can look like many different things, but among all of the forms of meditation there is generally one very common practice that connects them all, and this is mindfulness of breath.

With mindfulness of breath, you can apply your meditativeness to anything, whether it be the traditional seated-and-meditating practice, laying down, or even going for a walk with lots of deep breathing.

With this in mind, you can even be in a meditative state while doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, singing, dancing, painting, or even something like teaching. It’s all about being in the flow with yourself.

The more you practice, the easier it is to quiet your mind and find yourself in a state of mental clarity and inner peace. Our minds are naturally active, but it’s very common for us to have over-active minds, and turning the volume down on the mind-chatter can do wonders for our state of being.

It is once we have calmed ourselves down that we can hear our true inner-voice come through, and in that state, it  is vital that we listen internally to receive what is coming through us.

Studies show that meditation and mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and worry from people. It improves focus, mood and can even help with more extreme versions of mood disorders or things like ADHD. It also has the capacity to affect the world around us tremendously. In more than a few studies we have seen that even crime rates drop in areas where group meditation is a regular practice.

In our fast paced world, it is important that we take the time to tap into ourselves. For those who want to explore beyond this physical realm, meditation and the breath is the key to exploring altered states like lucid dreaming and astral projection.

The more that we practice, the easier it is to slip into these relaxed states, and explore incredible realms which are difficult to conceive of from this physical dimension.

  • Rico D del Rosario (@geniusdaemon)
    Posted at 08:35h, 14 November Reply

    In the last episode, when you mentioned OM and its sine wave, I immediately thought if the purpose of meditation was whether to ground (root) us in the reality of what is, or to actually raise our frequency so we can have access to other dimensions. I am glad this video came next. I see that the purpose of meditation is…meditation.

  • wdpless
    Posted at 16:33h, 12 March Reply

    Looks like the wordpress link is no longer valid. I love all your videos and your approach. Thank you for being a role model. I imagine it takes much of your energy. Thank You!

  • Gaston Alejandro Trivi
    Posted at 13:40h, 29 November Reply

    Patch team! I have a present for you, as a token of gratitude after all youve taught me in the past three weeks. Ill try to be brief. Unsuccesfully. Three weeks ago i was in my second vipassana 10 day course, desperately trying to get as much pain out of myself as i could. See, i didnt have sixty years, or sixty reincarnations, as the meditation teacher said when i asked her about it, to reach liberation, or something like. I had sixty hours. My mom has inoperable brain cancer, and she was on inmense emotional pain, suffering. More so than anyone ive known or even read about. I dont know if youre familiar with Vipassana, but, and this is my personal understanding, you know your brain has three main layers:

    Male mind. Logical, secuential, thinks in words.2
    Female mind. Emotional, simultaneous. Thinks in pictures and emotions.
    Reptilian mind. The body, physical. And this is the kicker. This aspect, the deepest one, thinks in PHYSICAL SENSATIONS. Vedanas, as they are refered to in the sattipathana sutta. And please try to dispute this with practice, but dont just counterargument without experiencing it first, IT STORES MEMORY AS SENSATION. That is, oh god…

    All the suffering you experiencie lives as a physical sensation stored in the bodys image of itself. Or something like that. As youll see when you practice, theres way more to it, and it connects with great many things youve taught in your videos. The core points where the essence of this suffering is stored, are of course the chakras. Imagine my dissapointment. An entire life thinking western science rules and new age are a bunch of gullible kind spirits who dont know what experimentation and skepticism are for, and suddenly i was quite literally touching how massively wrong i had been about everything, ever.

    But this is not ver far from standard vipassana. The other 100x difference comes next.

    It took me lets say two weeks to meditate the core of my sadness away, and flip it, from negative to possitive, to love. Another two for anguish into will. Then four months for hatred into resolution, because i was a dick. Also, im naming sensations for convenience, this are simplifications so that this comment doesnt easily turn into a series of posts, which is what it should be. Or a freaking book.

    But there were only six days left in the course and i needed to become as healthy as possible or my mother WOULD die. Not of cancer, but after the consecuencies of an irreversible psychological breaking point that i had been seen coming like an unstoppable freight train for years.

    A thought came, as if from nowhere. Vipassana, and buddhism, said: the path to enlightenment is to observe sensations with ecuanimity. The trouble of being ecuanimous towards your pain, is that you cant. It f—ing hurts. All the desperation id kept buried deep inside me all my life was coming at me, teamed up with all frustration. F<— you guys, theres no way i can stay chill towards this. And so, the female aspect, intuition, kicked in. Spetznaz trainers say, we dont teach our badass russians to ignore pain. You cant. We teach them to enjoy it.

    So i started trying to enjoy, or be grateful for, or appreciate, this very disagreeable sensations.

    And so it happened.

    They solid, numbed up pressure in my eyes (which ill call desperation) started to f—ing bubble up. Like boiling. Holy s—.

    I cant really put the intention used into words, id love to have the exact frecuency, like a radio. I can tell you it was somewhere between “lets gooooo” (as would be said to a little child holding onto pain while being in pain himself),l releasing, FORGIVING. Accepting.

    In a matter of hours, lets say four, it was gone.

    Let me say that again.

    In a matter of lets say four hours, one of perhaps nine primordial emotions was gone.



    And from behind it, a river of hope.

    Everything is going to be alright folks. Everything. Always.

    About four hours later, “frustration” in the forehead, was gone. From behind it. A river of enthusiasm. I spent the next few hours tripping in ecstatic blissful world of infinite possibility. “We can change the world. We can now. this is IT. This is the key, what was written in the walls of the temples. the hand with the eyes? Learn to see with your sense of touch. The ankh in the left hand? Observe your pain with the infinite love a mother has for its child (the ankh is a womb, come on guys! – this is open to dispute too)”

    Terror, in the kidneys, came next. That one hit me like a truck. If youre going to give this a shot before reading more into it, beware: impermanence, anicca, the next reservoir of pain will bubble up right when you are floating in peaceful bliss. And if you are not observing sensations, you will spend two hours convulsing in a bed hallucinating that you have just lobotomized yourself, will spend your life paralized and your family will die of starvation after the grief of looking after your drooling mutilated self. You have been warned.

    Then ego and pain. All pain lives in the testicles. Nothing new here.

    Ego was a bitch. It still lives in me, as you should be able to tell from reading this. The amount of times i refer to myself gives it away.

    Im sorry, patch team. I truly wanted to be brief. I only sincerely hope that someone can find this interesting, and someday give it a try.

    If you have read this far, i have another present for you: If you, or anyone close to you, is suffering greatly, get in touch with me.

    There is a lot being left out here, i dont expect anyone to read a wall of text by some nobody in a forum. Although i have found that the best sources in my life were a guy who makes illuminati videos on youtube, lifting the veil, pinterest pins on chakras and sacred knowledge, and a channel of flash videos starring a blue guy with a patch. The fat guy living in his moms basement really spewing conspiracy theories is always the only one who sort of knows whats going on :P.

    To summarize:

    Insight #1
    The deepest part of your mind stores your most fundamental raw emotion as physical sensations. So far ive identified sadness, anguis, hatred, despise, desperation, frustration, egoism, terror, pain, anxiety and insecurity. Some more certain than others.

    With some training (lets say 30hs), you can learn to observe this sensations and in this way interface and cure the root of your suffering. Your habits and beliefs will follow soon as the raw power feeding them is cured.

    Insight #2
    The intention used is key. Relief, forgiveness, letting go, being conscious of the fact that you are a little dot of consciousness, therefore being aware of that the pain is not a part of you, helps as well.

    With this two tools, you can figure the rest by yourself. If this seems outrageous to you, it does to me two, even though i am living it right now. I cant help you with that. But if you want to know more, or even better, practice, find me. This is not my discovery, this belongs to YOU. This is just my contribution to our beginning to remember.

    From the depth of my heart
    whoever you are
    whenever this is getting to you
    I love you
    And I sincerely hope this helps.

    • Spirit Science
      Posted at 23:05h, 10 January Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! If you have more resources you can share on the Vipassana meditation itself for our other readers to practice that would be wonderful! The insights you shared parallel with our understanding of integration and the process of observing our selves and our suffering in order to learn from it, and eventually transcend its control over our lives. Every layer of our ego we peel away, reveals another layer, and letting go of our attachments to both happiness and pain allow us to further see our true selves rising above it all. Thank you again for sharing and we look forward to reading more!

  • Michael Straub
    Posted at 08:31h, 21 November Reply

    Vary good information. Love it..

    • Spirit Science
      Posted at 10:19h, 21 November Reply


  • нахуй
    Posted at 01:38h, 03 August Reply

    How does the model you’ve shown changes when you become enlightened? I mean most of these things don’t really matter from the enlightened perspective aren’t they?

    • Spirit Science
      Posted at 10:25h, 03 August Reply

      One step thou has gained on the long pathway upward,
      infinite now is the mountain of Light.
      Each step thou taketh but heightens the mountain;
      all of thy progress but lengthens the goal.

      You can then say that even once you reach some level of enlightenment there will always be the opportunity to look back at all of the other levels and return to them, to learn more from the experience! For there is always more to learn!!

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