These next few episodes are a series focusing on the different aspects of light, and the many manifestations that light can take.

Light is an essential building block of everything, if not the singular building block which creates all things. Even though from our vantage point, it may appear as though we are dense physical beings, all of the particles that make up our existence are merely a mass of light vibrating much slower and tighter together. You might compare this to how water can appear as water, steam, or ice, depending on its molecular structure. Our world, all matter and everything physical is, at it’s core, is light.

Light is constantly moving, constantly vibrating, and the different levels of vibration determines what kind of light we perceive it to be. Light from the sun vibrates much higher than something like a physical piece of wood.

Something like ultraviolet light or different forms of radiation resonate at a vibration so high that the human eye can’t physically see it, but it is very much there. To go much higher on the scale, something like an angel or being of light would be an extreme kind of light to the human eye, and not a level that we currently can measure with physical technology, however throughout the ages people have claimed many experiences of observing these – for our own biological technology is much more powerful than we know them to be.

There are infinite dimensions beyond our 3D one, and just because we can’t experience them in our waking lives, does not mean they don’t exist. Just like ultraviolet light, we can’t see it, but we can measure it and know that it’s there.

Light is incredibly important, as it makes up everything in existence. Our world deeply relies on the light of the sun to survive… without it, the planet would be uninhabitable.

Therefore, even as we strive to understand light, we must honor it for the value of the nurturing life that it brings to all of us. It is truly our great Father above.

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  • Janine Sargeant
    Posted at 03:21h, 30 August Reply

    I love this. Finally, what I’ve seen is explained. I usually only see these when I’m outside. I used to play golf. When I would focus on the line to the hole, suddenly a grid would show up. All I had to do was follow one of the lines right into the hole. I thought everyone saw it because I thought the purposely cut the grass in a grid-like pattern. I see it looking at certain floors. It like heavy traffic traveling along these lines. I thought it was me…I thought, oh…this is just my imagination. Ha

  • Lillian
    Posted at 13:12h, 18 August Reply

    Beautiful! Thank you =)

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