Crystals are amazing! They can greatly aid in one’s spiritual growth in a variety of ways. Crystals are defined as: a mineralogical body with a characteristic internal structure and enclosed by a symmetry of plane faces.

This is a good start, but in truth they are so much more than that. With the understanding that everything is vibration in our universe, crystals can be observed as emitters of radiant subtle energy. Did you know that most crystals actually “grow” out of water, in the fusion of water, minerals, and heat? In this sense, they are actually alive, though not in the traditional biological sense.

In reality, there are many different planes of existence, even here in 3D. You might consider smells, sounds, and thoughts all to be “vibrating” separately in different dimensional planes. You can’t see a smell, but you very much know that it is there. Crystals work in the same way, they may have a physical representation, but they also can have a more ethereal energy about them too.

Crystals have been found in the ancient tombs of royals in Egypt and China, and have even been found in the ruins of Babylon. In ancient times, they were known specifically for their spiritual attributes, and many priests and shamans would be adorned in crystals to not only symbolize, but enhance their spiritual connection.

When you hold a crystal, much more is happening than what you can observe in the physical dimension. You are interacting with its energy, and its energy is interacting with you.

The key to truly feeling and tapping into the potential of crystals is being open to it, and meditating upon it. If you are projecting a skeptical or negative energy around yourself, you might find yourself having a difficult time feeling anything other than boredom.

Practice staying open if you don’t believe or understand the power behind crystals. The more open you are, the more you can feel and even talk to crystals on a spiritual level.

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