Now we dive into specific crystal types and what each of these can be used for! There are SO many different types of crystals, we will only be able to cover a few in the grand scheme of them. If you want to identify different crystals, the books we recommend the most are the series “The Crystal Bible”, or “The Book of Stones”.

Raw crystals are crystals that haven’t been tumbled to be smooth or formed into a certain shape. They are straight from the earth and can hold a stronger energy because of this rawness.

Palm stones are crystals tumbled into oval shapes that easily fit into our hands. They are perfect for meditation as they naturally sit in our palms with ease.

There are also crystal singing bowls, which are some of the most intense forms of crystals. They have been melted down and formed into the shape of a bowl, which when played with a mallet create the most beautiful, and quite loud resonance. They are amazing tools for healing and meditation. The highest resonance of crystal bowls we know of come from a group called Crystal Tones!

Now let’s get into the actual types of crystals themselves.

One of the most common crystals is clear quartz. They can be found in many stores and even in the ground in nearby parks if you’re lucky enough! It’s known as the spirit battery, they charge other crystals and amplify their intensity. They help transmit energy and clear negative emotions as well.

Rose quartz is specifically known as the love or heart stone, and is generally used for bringing more love and peace into your life. If you have a blocked heart chakra, this is a great stone to use for opening it back up.

Amethyst is great for enhancing psychic ability and brings a calming energy. It’s purple energy connects perfectly with our crown chakra, helping open ourselves to our divine spiritual nature.

Calcite helps us open our awareness and connects us to nature. It’s also good for enhancing our creativity and imagination if we have something like writers block or are having trouble creating art.

Moonstone is the stone of reflection, it helps balance our divine female energy if we have predominately more male energy. It also helps clear blockages in our auric field.

Peridot inspires happiness within us and reduces the amount of fear and jealousy we might be carrying. It’s perfect for when we’re creating friendships and ensuring our ego isn’t getting in the way.

This video covers many more crystal types within it, so if you want to learn more, watch the episode, and don’t forget to check out those books mentioned above!

Spirit Science Guide To Crystals

The Crystal Bible

The Crystal Bible 2

The Crystal Bible 3

The Book of Stones, Revised Edition: Who They Are and What They Teach

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