This crystal movie is multiple episodes all wrapped up into a beautiful movie for you to enjoy. It’s all about crystals, their properties and how they work!

To understand how crystals work, it’s important to embody the understanding that everything is fundamentally one energy, everything vibrates together in a great unified quantum field. This comes up within almost every episode because it relates to literally everything in existence.

When we know that the foundational energy that makes up everything, even the space between things, is a singular and interconnected energy, then we can understand how crystals are so much more than pretty rocks.

Seeing that everything can be seen as an extension of ourselves, crystals are exactly that. They are conductors, transmuters and channelers of energy. Each one has their own geometric lattice, and thus, their own particular radiant energy.

Some crystals are physically made up of more carbon – like shungite for example. Studies show shungite actually has anti-cancer properties in that their molecular structure is mostly carbon which helps eliminate free radicals in the body. Shungite naturally should be used for healing purposes, it can be put in water or around your house to help with healing.

Crystals like quartz or clear crystals help transmute the energy of other crystals around them. They can absorb and help channel energy around a space. Quartz is another example of how amazing crystals are, because every computer on the planet works because of the memory-storage ability of crystal quartz and silicon, it’s most basic element!

Crystals like rose quartz, other pink stones and many green stones like moldavite, jade, and peridot are perfect for opening up the heart center.

Each type of crystal holds a different purpose which you can discover through research, or even meditative exploration with your own consciousness. Many people are able to hold a crystal and “hear” it speak emotionally or mentally through their own spirit.

The more open you are to receiving the information crystals can give, the more you will get. It’s all about your intention and how open you are!

If you want to watch all the individual episodes, click here!

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  • Rico D del Rosario (@geniusdaemon)
    Posted at 08:03h, 16 November Reply

    You can also charge or energize your water by placing crystals around your flask or glass and intend for the crystals to energize the water before you drink it.

  • Herbert
    Posted at 21:42h, 18 July Reply

    Hey There,
    At the end of this video you mention a friend of yours who makes orgonites, where can I buy one from him?
    You also mention 2 websites linked to orgonite info, they’re not available anymore…

  • Gohan Son
    Posted at 05:19h, 05 January Reply

    Do you have links to buy organite? And other crystal items?

    Thank you for any help given.

  • Laura Grace
    Posted at 17:31h, 07 October Reply

    In the movie patch mentions making a PDF available for easy reference… Umm… Where is that exactly?

    • Spirit Science
      Posted at 12:52h, 09 October Reply

      Hey Laura! We just updated our sources links to include the PDF, thanks for letting us know it was missing 🙂
      Spirit Science Guide To Crystals

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