Finally, the last episode in this epic crystal saga! The first half of this episode discusses the importance of orgonite, and the second half goes into the crystal movement!

Orgone is essentially another word for energy. Just like chi, prana, life force, or whatever word resonates with you; orgone is another form of this potent energy.

First created in the 1930s and 40s, a man named Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure etheric energy which he called orgone energy. Throughout time, there have been many studies which show this energy exists and can create both positive and negative results.

There are actually videos you can find on the internet of people holding EMF detectors up to an electrical outlet, and then putting orgonite in front of the outlet and seeing a drastic reduction in the amount of electromagnetic radiation coming out of it.

On a larger scale, we can do this all over the world just by having orgonite in our homes. Cell phone towers, wifi signals and radio waves are energetically polluting our world. It creates a thick blanket of heavy energy on top of us, which many people might not feel or are now used to, but it’s there and easily felt if you are sensitive.

Patchman talks about a crystal movement which has slowly become very popular nowadays. People are gifting crystals to each other, and they are gaining more and more traction. Crystals can greatly help raise our energy both individually and as a global collective.

When we use them as a tool for spiritual growth, and not just a pretty collector’s item, we can greatly increase the level of our consciousness.

The more crystals that move through your life, the more they will help you raise your awareness.

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  • Karen Bodhi
    Posted at 05:32h, 26 June Reply

    Where can you purchase the orgonite you mention?

    • Spirit Science
      Posted at 16:52h, 28 June Reply

      The best place would be to look at your local metaphysical shops, but you can find lots online on places like Etsy!

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