The Atlantean Catastrophe started when the martians initially came to Earth. The first thing they tried to do was take the planet from the Atlanteans by force! There were millions of Atlanteans and the martians were very out numbered, so this plan didn’t work and the martians were forced to surrender. However, the Atlanean’s couldn’t get the martians to actually leave the planet, so they were stuck there.

The Atlanteans still had a young female energy, and the martians had a very old male energy. Over time, the martians implemented their left brain inventions and ways of being so much that the Atlanteans eventually started existing in that left brain state, and changed their polarity.

There was much animosity between the Atlanteans and the Martians all the way until the next shift happened. There was a geomagnetic shift in the earth’s polarity, usually known as a “polar shift”.

A small piece of Atlantis, about the size of Rhode island broke off and sank into the water. Since the consciousness of the people had been descending due to the left brain ways of thinking, the Atlanteans natural ability to peer into the future was gone. This created panic among the people as they thought the entire island would eventually sink.

This fear eventually subsided with time, and a new issue arose when they learned that a giant comet was heading towards the earth. The martians wanted to blow it out of the sky, but were outnumbered by the Atlanteans who said it was in divine order and needed to hit the earth. When it did, it crashed in the area where the martians had landed and killed a portion of their population.

Outraged, the martians wanted to fully take over the planet. They started to create another artificial merkaba, but had forgot how to properly make one as they hadn’t created one in thousands of years.

Their inaccurate design created a malfunctioning merkaba which ripped open the lower dimensions and created sheer havoc. Lower dimensional beings were pulled from their world and forced into a higher dimension which they didn’t understand. They needed to attach to bodies to survive, so hundreds of spirits invaded each of the Atlantean’s bodies. It was one of the worst planetary events to ever happen, and ultimately was a catalyst for everything we are experiencing on earth today.

The story continues in episode 3 of the Human History saga!

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 1

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. 2

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