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This is it! The desired outcome for all walks of life! To find true peace and love, understanding and oneness with the divine and harmony with all of creation! This takes all the aspects of life working together, which as seen by nature – is truly embodying “effortlessness”. Thus, we strive to be balanced aware of our actions and the interconnectedness of all things. Aware of the planet and the consciousness of the Earth itself, aware of our astral bodies, the elements and sacred geometry all working in harmony!

This mission is first done internally with self realization, then externally by living as fully incarnated souls aware of our greater purpose – and acting like it! It’s time to change the world!

Let us open our eyes and see each other as one big connected and collective family!

This category is an ever growing discussion, as this would encompass literally everything that we cannot even imagine! Many ancient texts describe God as so infinite that no mere human could ever comprehend the vast infinite nature of this majestic ALL, and so in this category we will continue to push the boundaries of discovery!

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