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Welcome to Spirit Science!

Hello there, and welcome to Spirit Science! This page was created to help share the different topics we cover in Spirit Science in a way that is easy to understand, and to help spirit seekers gain more meaningful experiences while watching our videos!

There are so many topics to cover, and always it’s growing, so we wanted to help make things simple and thus have prepared an introductory video for you. This takes a new perspective on “The Big Picture” to help illustrate where we are now and all the connections that exists between the different Sciences.

A Vision of the Future

Ready to Dive Deeper?

This video covers the different aspects of the vast topic that is the Human Experience. What does it mean to be healthy? Are we physically healthy? Mentally healthy? Emotionally healthy? How about Spiritually healthy? Then how do we move forward as healthy beings to create an awesome new world together?

In the categories that follow, we look deeper into each topic, and how they relate to our human experience in the here and now! We have separated our videos into 7 unique sections to shine light on each topic in a new and practical way, so that finding personal balance on a global scale is not only easy, but fun!

Seeing how wonderfully connected everything is, we wanted to jump in and cover everything all at once! But we decided creating individual topics and organizing our previously created videos into these new categories seemed like the best way for anyone to watch what they were interested in, at whatever level they were at.

So from here (and always), the direction of the journey is entirely in your hands. Go with your flow, and enjoy!

Click on one of the circles within the seed of life below to view the all the videos for that topic!

Or, if you’d like to see a list of ALL of the Spirit Science episodes, click here!

See you on the other side!

What about our other videos?

Over the years Jordan and his teams have made many different videos that are not listed in this Spirit Science video epic, however they are still available for you to watch on the site under the Spirit Studios page or follow the links below!

Spirit Specials