Spirit Events

Welcome to our Spirit Events page! Here is where you will find scheduled events, both globally in spirit, and together physically in the real world!

We will regularly schedule meditations around important celestial events! On these days we will all take a moment, wherever we are, to focus on the event and the others around the globe holding the same meditation as you! Each global event will have a specific theme or intention which we will all hold together and pull in the information individually ourselves in that moment! So check back often, or subscribe here for updates on the next global meditation!

We also host a live show on our Spirit Studios channel with our family of Patreon subscribers called the Spiritside Chats! These chats happen every new and full moon with those who have joined in on our adventures via Patreon! The Spiritside Chats are a way to connect with our global community, and talk about current issues, ongoings of the Spirit Studio, or whatever our hearts need to share!

If you pledge on Patreon, you’re welcome and invited to come and join in on these wondrous chats and connect with us here in the spirit house and with a larger spirit family. Discussions range from anything from science, to spirituality, and everything in between!

As our team grows, we plan to create many different gatherings all around the world and we hope to one day see you there with us! These could include but are not limited to musical spirit festivals, public meetups, flash-meditation-mobs, and anything else that we can do to reach out and connect with those following our channels and spiritual journey!

Check back later for more events will be created as we continue to grow and expand, or click here to subscribe and receive email updates when new events are taking place!