I wanted to send a little message of thanks again for all your hard work over the years with Spirit Science and with the Patch Tarot. I have learned sooooo much from this deck already. It has helped me with my relationship with my twin sister, helped me heal from a terrible car accident i was in last year, helped me heal from the dissolution of my 10 year marriage that crumbled a few years ago, helped me understand my feelings about my higher self and my soul purpose.

I’d like to add that the artwork is beyond incredible. So beautifully detailed and jam-packed with so much meaning and symbolism that every time I look at each card, I see something new. There’s so much love and light that went into each design and I can feel it every time I hold my deck, every time I pull a card. I can’t even imagine the endless hours of creativity that went into this endeavor, but I am full of gratitude for your efforts 🙂

Victoria BC

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!! I’ve just received the Patch Tarot deck and am excited to get started exploring. Thank You ALL for pouring yourselves into this project!

M Patterson

Hey just wanted to report in. Over 150 free Tarot card reading participants helped by your app. Only 3 of the various participants had ever experienced tarot before. 15 participants had never heard of tarot before. 22 individuals cried and thanked me after a Celtic cross. 58 participants wanted to know how tarot worked after their reading. 17 out right refusals to participate.

1 alcoholic cured. 5 legitimate conversions to spirituality. Absolutely 0 negative feedback. 32 deep conversations about philosophy and psychology.

Fun facts.

  1. When one participant claimed “you can’t do tarot from an app” her 1 card solution was the illusion card 6 of cups. We both laughed.
  2. I use the app everyday to help my fiancee and the results are outstanding. The app has helped her cope with her worries and anxiety to a level that modern therapy methods have failed to provide.
  3. I have used the app to make generalized assumptions which all 150 participants have been shocked by the accuracy of their particular cards at that exact moment.

Thanks a lot. Best 3 dollars i have ever invested.

Gavin Brenner

I am at a loss for words! This is such an amazing bundle. The content and everything is so beautifully put together and explained! I am in awe!! I am beyond blessed to have found you and purchased this bundle. Thank you so much! I will recommend this to anyone interested in tarot and the like. Amazing!


Hey Jordan,

So, I just did my first Celtic Cross with the Patch Deck. As predicted, it took a lot longer (five hours). What I didn’t anticipate was how much better it would be than with what was previously available. I gained so much insight that I realize that I’ll have to be patient with myself in habituating choosing the right-side-up responses to the events of my journey, rather than, by default, choosing the upside-down reactions. It strikes me as sad that it’s such an up-hill battle – that so many conditioned and habitual reactions are automatically upside-down. However, I’m grateful that it’s possible to take a look at the entire journey, know where one is, and know what the challenges and enlightened responses are. What would it be like to be someone who routinely, as a matter of course or habit, consistently responded to the surprises and challenges of the journey with the level of insight and mastery that’s possible? I guess I’ll be spending the rest of my life trying to find out. It’s an ever-brightening path, so, it’s all good.

I still hope to be involved in the development of a Patch app. The process of using the deck and the book together was greatly helped by your including jump-to links in the table of contents. I did find myself wishing that each page had a jump-to that took one back to the table of contents – one click to search for the next card rather than scrolling. I think there’s a bookmark tool that I need to find and use.

You may be able to guess this, but I don’t use the deck with an intent of divination. I don’t judge that use. And, at some point I may understand and value that aspect of tarot. But at this point, I just don’t feel like I need to know the future. I’m really satisfied to simply use it to become. It seems that if I am, it doesn’t matter what happens. Still, I’m curious with regard to the, I think you mentioned three, different approaches to tarot.

All things considered, I can’t imagine exhausting this resource. The Patch Deck and The Book of Patch are nothing short of a magnum opus. Thanks so much for your diligent, thoughtful, and thorough work.


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  • Louie
    Posted at 10:33h, 30 June Reply

    Bro, the Patch tarot deck has more information in it than the All spark from the Transformers movie.Not to mention the book of Patch is thicker than a rap guy’s girlfriend.
    All jokes aside the work is gorgeous
    It would be so cool to have a video breakdown for each card individually.Perhaps it’s something I’d have to do myself.I’m going to add a meditation and lucid dream prep.Do you guys have an affiliate program? I want in on some Patch Tarot action.

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