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Redesigned and Recoded ~ The New Patch Tarot

Patch Tarot is a living archetypal organism. The more you practice and experience these archetypes, the more your understanding will evolve too!
This new evolution of Patch Tarot is fundamentally a game changer!

The Fool becomes The Child

So much love and attention goes into naming each card and the properties they have, but as times change, the card names and keywords have changed as well. Cards like the Magician have evolved into the Wizard and The Fool became The Child! We moved the Major Arcana numbering up one to accommodate the new position of The Child and the Hierophant now holds the Star of David as its number.

A New Generation of Tarot

Patch Tarot has seen some massive improvements since the first version. The printing resolution was increased from 300 to 1200DPI, the card stock also increased from 300 to 340GSM, and the cards have been resized, making them easier to hold. The new artwork now goes right to the card edges, giving more attention to the vibrant symbology in each card.
And these are just the design changes!

Patch Tarot Card Improvements

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Balanced Masculine and Feminine Energies

The biggest change in this deck has to be the reversal of positions between The Empress and The Emperor, which was done incredibly purposefully and, in our humble perspectives, by the hand of Spirit. This switch aligned The Empress with the Hebrew letter “Heh”, of which stands for the Feminine components of the Tetragrammaton (Yod Heh Vav Heh) – the Holy Name of God. It also allowed the Major Arcana flow, from cards 1 – 4, to balance “Male, Female, Male, Female”, and describes that it is through the feminine that the new consciousness (The Hierophant) is born.

All of this and more is further described in The Book of Patch.

A Unique 82 Card Tarot Deck

Patch Tarot also features four brand new cards to the Tarot Library, which is named The Holy Arcana. These cards link to the four hidden positions on the Tree of Life, the realms above human consciousness and the bridge for everyone to achieve these higher states of being. Traditionally, knowledge of these placements were so secretive that they were kept hidden from humanity… until now!

With the Holy Arcana, the final pieces are in place to complete the puzzle of Tarot, and help us bridge the gap to higher consciousness. They reveal that the Tarot is not just a simple tool for divination, but the blueprint for spiritual ascension.

The Book of Patch – Now Available for Print!

The Book of Patch

The Ultimate Tarot Superbook, The Book of Patch offers in-depth discussions on the esoteric relationships between each archetype in tarot.

The Book of Patch also goes into depth on the Qabalah, Astrology, and Numerology of each and every card!


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The Digital Edition and Hardcover Version
are also Available!

Patch Tarot is Now Digital!

The power of Patch Tarot is now available on your digital device! It’s not always easy to carry around your full Tarot deck everywhere you go and the inspiration to consult its wisdom can arise when you least expect it! So now you can have the full Patch Tarot experience right on your digital device; anytime, anywhere!

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