At long last, Patch Tarot is here!

All of Creation…
In the palm of your hand

The HierophantThe EmpressThe EmperorThe PriestessThe Magician

The First Edition Patch Tarot Decks are here!

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An alchemical tool, Patch Tarot is
a blueprint of the universe, and a
roadmap to your ascension.

– Gain insights on your past and future
– Make Sense of your Relationships
– Connect with your Soul
– Explore the energies of your life
– Live your dreams

And so Much More!

Our goal with Patch Tarot is to not only create a new generation of Tarot Deck,
but to make a video series (or several) which delve into the nature of these cards,
how they are a blueprint to understanding reality,
and their significance to us in our day to day lives!

Ace of WandsAce of CupsAce of SwordsAce of DisksThe Hierophant

Tarot is based around the five elements, depicting a vast range of human experience in a multitude of layers.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Will, and the Path of the Soul!

The AeonThe Crown

Sacred Geometry,
and so much more!

By learning Patch Tarot,
you learn them all!

Secrets, Revealed.

Patch Tarot also features four brand new cards to the Tarot Library, which we are calling The Holy Arcana. These cards link to the four hidden positions on the Tree of Life, the realms above human consciousness and the bridge for us to achieve these higher states of being. Traditionally, knowledge of these placements were so secretive that they were kept hidden from humanity… until now!

The LightThe TruthThe WayThe All

Standard Tarot Decks have 78 Cards, Patch Tarot has 82!

With the Holy Arcana, the final pieces are in place to complete the puzzle of Tarot, and help us bridge the gap to higher consciousness.

They reveal that the Tarot is not just a simple tool for divination, but the blueprint for spiritual ascension.

Wisdom, meet Wall.

Book of Patch Special!

When you order The Book of Patch, you will also receive a 19 page printout document we have called “The Wisdom Wall”, which assimilates a colossal amount of information pertaining to Tarot, Qabalah, Astrology, and more – into a visual format so that you may easily reference all of this information together, making it easier to learn!

Charts include:

-Full Tarot Key Charts
-Astrological Wheel
-Expanded Tree of Life
-Tree of Life Variations
-Astral Signatures
-The Four Worlds
And More!

All of the colours, all of the time.

Patch Tarot also comes with six 4K desktop wallpaper images,
which you are free to enjoy on your desktop or mobile devices;
or even print out into large posters if you like.

The Ultimate Tarot Superbook

The Book of Patch also offers in-depth discussions on the esoteric relationship between each card and card sets, going into depth on the Qabalah, Astrology, and Numerology of each card.

Digital Edition Available Now!

A Word from the Author

I first began work on Patch Tarot in the middle of 2016, and little did I know just how big of a project this would be. For thousands of hours over this past year, late nights and early mornings, I poured myself into creating these images, lost myself to studying symbolism, and numbed my fingers from writing descriptions; Patch Tarot almost entirely consumed my life.

Yet, it wouldn’t be right for me take all of the credit; I haven’t been alone in this journey. My two best friends, Aaron and Alexandria were there by my side the entire time, supporting me, building websites, editing descriptions, listening to me go on and on about the various topics I was studying, and encouraging me to stay the course and get everything finished. These two have been the most amazing friends anyone could ever ask for!

Jordan Duchnycz

Together, the three of us are the entire team behind Spirit Science, and our goal with Patch Tarot is to not only create a new kind of Tarot Deck, but to make a video series (or several) which delve into the nature of these cards, how they represent the universe in all of the ways that they do, and their significance to us in our day to day lives, With the right information, we can use the idea of Tarot to make sense of our lives, and give us the keys we need to live our dreams!

Tarot has been such a huge part of my life for so many years now, and since I first began learning, all I wanted was to share it with the world. Today, I am honoured to be able to do just that.

Over the years, the Spirit Science family has been so incredible and supportive, and so with this project I wish to give back something of intrinsic value; something you can use to make your life better, and see the world improve because of it.

With all of my love forever,
Jordan David Pearce

Jordan David Duchnycz

What others are saying

Wow. If you are looking for a fascinating journey through the archetypes of Tarot, this ingenious Patch deck takes you on a wonderful adventure. This deck, and it’s companion book, are packed full of ancient wisdom, endearing imagery, concise definitions, and powerful insights that will serve as a powerful oracle in your life. Kudos to the work that went into creating this powerful modern representation of a cherished and coveted spiritual tradition. Well done.

Edward (Eddie) Kays – Director of Longevity Living® and Author of  “The Creationship – An Intimate Relationship with Creation

“The Spirit Science Patch Tarot is the most spiritually evolved tarot I have ever had the chance of reading. The cards are carefully crafted with detail and you can feel the love behind every design and every word in the descriptions. The descriptions are not just well informed with detailed meanings and backgrounds, but each carries deep meditative guidance from a true unity love consciousness perspective! You can forget about negative cards or being worried about misfortune because Patch Tarot concerns itself with your love evolution and the bigger picture of your path.”

Love these cards; beautifully designed; easy to read; great colour and gorgeous pictures! I really appreciate the additional details giving the cards a modern feel, yet not missing a beat with the traditional intentions and depth of ‘Tarot.’ These have become my ‘go to’ cards for quick or longer readings. Thank you Spirit Studios for your work and research; Quality, Quality, Quality!
10/10. 👍🏻”

East Coast Girl

I’m really excited to get the Book of Patch and for all the love within it’s pages that’s going to guide and further my spiritual innerstanding <3

Karen, San Francisco

“As above So below. Spirit Studios hits this one out of the park! As an avid user of Tarot over the years, it is easy to see that there has been a huge amount of research, time and effort to ensure every aspect of the Tarot lessons and journeys are clear within the Patch perspective. The readings are clear, insightful and accurate. A fun deck to work with. Thanks Patch! 10/10 👌🏻”


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The PriestessThe MagicianThe Fool

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