Additional Tarot Information

Reversals and Shadow Sides

On each card there will be a little bit of information about what we’re calling the “Shadow Side” of the card, more commonly known simply as a “Reversal”. This is what happens when the card appears upside down.

This information is only intended to provide you with a simple understanding of the fact that the “shadow side” is merely an opposite perspective on the same energy, and doesn’t necessarily imply something bad, for who knows what’s good or bad?

Shadow Side readings are not incredibly relevant unless you are actually doing physical readings with Patch Tarot itself, and so there is more information about the Shadow Side and how to read them in the complete Book of Patch.


Along with each Tarot card there are an image of an energetic signature, whether its the respective element of the card, or a celestial body such as a constellation, planet, or star. These are incredibly significant, and we encourage you to continue exploring these where you see fit!

With that said, if you’re looking for a simple chart that correlates the different cards with their astrological counterpart, look no further. Here is a downloadable chart that we made for the celestial associations according to the Order of the Golden Dawn.


The Qabalah plays a monumental role in Tarot across the board, drawing a tremendous map between the cards and this ancient sacred geometrical structure. This is also considered a little bit more “advanced” for those who are just beginning to learn the Tarot, that is – unless you are already versed in the Qabalah.

The topic of the Qabalah however is a very long journey of discovery, and one that could be discussed at great lengths for books and books worth of reading, and new discoveries are still being made today as to the spiritual significance held within.

For the sake of maintaining balance and keeping things simple, we will describe only the most basics to give you an idea of what it is. For new learners – know that it is not critical that you learn this in order to understand how Tarot functions. From there, if you wish to follow along how the Qabalah applies to Patch Tarot on a more intimate level, we have included much information regarding this topic in the Book of Patch – available by clicking here.

What is the Qabalah

The Qabalah is an ancient geometric diagram of how the universe materializes from a place of infinite unity (God), all the way down here to this physical plane. Likewise, it describes how life can begin its journey from the physical plane, and reach higher and higher in its consciousness to reach heightened planes of awareness, Christ consciousness, and complete ascension.

The Qabalah is not only a logical structure but also a road map by which one can traverse the many planes of their inner psyche and the outer worlds simultaneously.

This probably sounds familiar to our description of what the Tarot is from the first page! Truth is, they go hand in hand, and are ultimately just two different ways of describing the same thing.


How does the Qabalah and Tarot fit together?

Here is an image that properly associates the various levels of Tarot together within the Qabalah. You will notice that the Minor Arcana fit among the Sephiroths (the spheres), and the Major Arcana are the bridges that connect them all together.

From this image alone, any avid scholar would have plenty of information to work off of and begin your exploration, and again – for those who are just beginning this journey, you don’t have to worry about these details so much, they will naturally come with time.

In Conclusion

You have at last come to the end of the introductory explanations of the basics of Tarot, but the journey is still but just beginning! With this arsenal of information you are now equipped with, you have now reached a point of readiness to learn about each of the cards individually!

Your journey begins with the Fool, or select where you would like to begin from the Full Card Directory (Coming Soon)!

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