Ten of Disks

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Tree of Life

Malkuth, מלכות

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Mercury in Virgo


Wealth, Wisdom, Happiness, Richest Potential, Completion, Inheritance, Family, Accomplishment, End and Beginning

Ten of Disks
Micro Description

Legacy marks the total completion and finality, the end and the beginning of the Earthen cycle. In this we see and know the purpose behind all of our efforts, it was not about making money or building a wonderful house, but the legacy that we create and pass on to our children, family, and friends. This is the purest form of true Wealth. We are but only passing through in this dimension, not even our bodies are our own – and all that we created is left in the hands of those we choose to leave it in. This is our living legacy; the grandfather holds the baby, and passes on his wisdom to the next generation.

Micro Reading

In the end, we must observe the bigger picture as to why we do what we do. Are we trying to make money? Are we trying to get famous? Do we want power? Control? Domination? Perhaps it is the simple things, things like happiness – which are the purest form of what we came here to create during our lifetimes on planet Earth. Each and every one of us lives a story, and it’s time to take account of this, and ask what story are we writing, and what legacy do we leave behind when we go?

Expanded Description

The Ten of Disks is the final completion of the earthen cycle. It has become clear at this point that money or reputation wasn’t the purpose of our creations, but the legacy we pass down and leave behind for our family to come. This is the truest form of wealth; something that isn’t only limited to the physical world but also applies to the evolution of our soul.

This card embodies energies of wisdom, happiness, wealth, completion, retirement, family and inheritance.

These ideas are shown in the card as an old grandfather holding a young baby in his arms. In the back are two scenes unfolding. On the left we see a young couple, content with their lives; they continue the hard work their elder and begin raising a family of their own. On the right, they sell the food that was grown by the family, and so the cycle continues on.

The Ten of Disks shifts the understanding of wealth from a purely physical or financial view, to a more spiritual understanding. The wealth ultimately represents an energy that we can pass down through our family members so it can continue on and exist through the work of others. This pure form of wealth goes infinitely beyond money or material possessions, but is instead the accumulation of loving work that is passed down over time, creating the space for a living legacy.

Now is a time to ask yourself, what do you want your own legacy to be? What are you creating and and what would you like to be remembered for? You are the author of your own story and get to choose how you will be remembered. Keep in mind that once you’re gone, most people will remember you for how you made them feel, and what you did in your life, rather than what possessions you had.

The work you’ve put into your creations is now being paid off on all levels, congratulations! This is a time to acknowledge and rejoice in all the work you’ve put in. Finally, being the “ten”, this card speaks to not only the grand finale of a great cycle, but the beginning of a new one – evolved from all of the previous lessons in the past.

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The Ten of Disks Reversed

The reverse of the Ten of Disks is very much the opposite of its upright meaning. Where this card normally speaks to the living legacy passing down wisdom through the generations, the reverse speaks to desolation: there is nothing left.

It can describe financial failure, or poverty of different kinds such as no peer group or social circle to connect with. The wisdom aspect here also can relate with a dullness of mind, and a general sense of laziness towards one’s work, which results in the continued sense of poverty by our work and love not being channeled adequately into anything that we are doing.

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To turn this reversed card upright, we must take account of all of the decisions we have made throughout our lives that led us to where we are now. If we can humbly acknowledge these choices and see why we have acted this way throughout our lives, we can correct these mistakes by simply starting to act differently, look at the bigger picture and set an intention for what we’d like to create. Then begin your journey anew; with love in your heart and care in your actions.

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