The Priestess

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Tree of Life

Gimel, ג‎‎

Astral Signature

The Moon


Wisdom, Understanding, Intuition, Receptivity, Raw Creative Power from Internal Sources

The Priestess
Micro Description

The Priestess represents the hidden and subconscious aspects of life; the other side of the coin from the Magician. The Sacred Feminine and the gateway to deeper understanding, she invites us to observe and contemplate the underlying motivations behind our experience. These become evident once we pay attention to our intuitive insight, our dreams and the symbolism that presents itself to us as we go about our lives. This is the veil between the seen and unseen worlds, a key to the mysteries of the Universe.

Micro Reading

When we encounter the Priestess, we are called to take a second look at our current position. There may be some vital information that is being overlooked. Instead of looking at objective facts and statistics, pay attention to the subtle, intuitive signals that your body and heart send your way. There is untold wisdom to be gained when we take the plunge to consciously feel our subjective experience and bring it to the surface.

Expanded Description

The Priestess is the manifestation of the divine female energy. She mirrors The Magician in that she is the feminine opposite of the first creation, which emerged out of nothing with The Fool. Where The Magician creates through knowledge, symbol, and number – The Priestess opens her arms and allows her intuition to guide her creative actions. Therefore, she is the embodiment of our most gentle of energies and the mysteries of the subconscious mind.

In this card we see Patch who has now shifted their perspective to that of a female energy. Without knowing what to do with all of her previous ingredients, she now taps into her intuition to decide what she shall do next. Raising her arms above her head, she simultaneously absorbs and creates flowing energy all around her. Above her head, a pink sphere floats, representing a portal of bliss and abundance which she conjures in tandem with her higher self. This sphere is indicated in the position of Da’at on the Tree of Life, which subtly glows behind her. She sits gracefully atop a flower, symbolizing the life force of the universe which she harnesses effortlessly, turning it into anything that she should like it to be.

Behind her sit two pillars, black and white. These great structures are the towering polarities of yin and yang, by her very nature she flows between them, balanced and perfect, knowing that ultimately they are one energy in two perspectives. In an even deeper and more mystical sense, the two pillars represent the mysterious pillars of Boaz and Jachin at the entrance to Solomon’s temple in ancient Israel. This symbolism implies the holiest of gateways into mysterious realms, and mark the passage towards the unknown and the otherworldly.

This holy gateway is actually your very subconscious, and the current of connected thought and feeling which links us all together. This mysterious realm that can only be accessed through dreams, deep meditation, and intricate symbolism.

It is through this place that our deepest questions can be answered, and the solution to our greatest of problems. In fact, many of our problems stem from an unconscious place, so use your intuition, and listen to your inner voice to resolve them.

The Priestess is an indication that we are in communication with powerful unseen forces that we might not fully understand. We all have deep inherent psychic abilities, but consciously tapping into them takes much practice.

You may grow these gifts by looking into your own inner mysteries, observing your own shadows, and the aspects within yourself that require the light of conscious awareness to see and understand.

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The Priestess Reversed

The Priestess reversed describes getting lost in our dreams, or the sudden changing of moods within oneself. Since she normally embodies the spirit of intuitive flow, when this energy becomes enraged she can act without full awareness of what is already going on around her.

Filled with doubts, her energy can begin to create things without her being aware of what is going on, and the results may end up soured. In this, we may find that there is a deeper need to listen to our inner voice, and be honest about what hidden agendas we may be hiding.

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To turn this card upright, we must calm down our loud waking mind so that we can better hear the subtle voice of our hearts. Once we have slowed down, we can become aware of any subtle emotions that we may be hiding from ourselves within our subconscious mind. We can also then release any doubts that we may have towards any of the experiences that we are having, which can allow us to tap in deeper to our true intuitive desires, and flow freely to create them!

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