The Magician

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Impulse of Life

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Abuse of Power

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Beth, ב‎

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First Step, Begin, Start, Creation, Skill, Concentration, Action, Manifestation

The Magician
Micro Description

The Magician is the first step in a journey and the beginning of a new cycle. Within this card, all of the elements are accounted for and represented, even wielded, as the magician extends his energy forward and begins creating purposefully and with intent. Whatever comes into his life now is a result of the actions that he took here and now, for he is the creator of his reality.

Micro Reading

When you draw the Magician, it is an indication that your journey is just beginning. A new story is starting, a new path begins unfolding. The story that you are about to experience is of your own creation, the accumulation of all of your awareness up until this point in your life. What you choose to do with it is up to you – just remember to take account of your whole body of consciousness, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Expanded Description

The Magician, also sometimes called the Magus, is the first actual step in manifestation and the creation of reality itself. Where previously The Fool represented the seed of the idea where infinite possibilities lay, now Patch has become The Magician, experiencing himself as the beginning of the journey of his life, aware of all of the ingredients he brings with him; he represents the first motion into creating those ideas and starting a new chapter of life.

This card is a sign that you are a conscious creator of your reality, and its presence indicates that it is time to step into action if you are not already doing so. This is the state of embodying that which you want to be. In this card we see a powerful creator in action, using all of the resources of creation at their disposal to begin the journey, thus all four elements are present in this image.

The disk represents the element of Earth, the physical. The cup represents water, the emotions. The sword and feather symbolize the sharp and subtle nature of air, the mind; and finally a wand which symbolizes fire, the spiritual will.

Along the Magicians side appears a cynocephalus ape, of which the meaning is dual. In one capacity this can be seen as our “lower” or ego-driven human selves which we begin to transcend as we step into the position of The Magician. However, in another and completely opposite sense, the ape represents the highly intelligent companion of Thoth, who assists him in the ‘Weighing of the Heart in the Hall of Judgement.

Above him is the lemniscate, more commonly known as the infinity symbol, signifying omniscience and the limitless energy available in the universe for use in conscious creation. In truth, this is a reminder that energy can never be created or destroyed, only transformed and transmuted from one form to another.

Another common interpretation of this card is to practice concentration on the tasks at hand. If you focus your energy, and act with purpose and intent, you will have more control over the course your life takes and will be able to manifest your true desires more easily. In the end, you are always in control of your reality, even if it does not feel this way; embody The Magician by meditating upon the energy and symbolism of this card. Magic will follow you wherever you go, and if you should decide to wield it, there is nothing you cannot create.

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The Magician Reversed

The reversed meaning of The Magician embodies the spirit of aggressiveness and ego, and even worse – it is the abuse of power. Since The Magician is normally the purposeful and loving use of power, the dark side of this is using the power for malevolent purposes, or using it without restraint – which can only lead to creation chaos for ourselves.

This is a very manipulative place to be in, and can cause destruction to both the individual wielding such power, and those around them. Further, this reversal can imply a lack of planning towards objectives, and therefore a potentially muddled result.

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To turn this reversed card upright, simply be mindful when you make plans and take actions, for magic can be used for light, or dark. You have potential for great good or great evil within you, as well all do. By being aware of the differences between our intention, the will of our heart and the desires of our ego, we can make certain that the actions we take are in our highest alignment and in the intention of our heart. Remember to move forward with very mindful and purposeful creation that is in support of all life.

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