The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is the story that encompasses all 4 elements within it. All of these individual elements are present, interacting and engaging with each other throughout the 5th element. It is the journey of the Fool, from humble beginnings to greater understanding and evolution of consciousness. This can be mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual evolution – and even if you’re not aware of them, they are all growing and evolving together within you. It is you! It is nothing less than who and what you really are!

Consider this element as Ether, your spiritual substance, your higher power, your spirit, your soul, your inner light, or anything you really want to that fits in that general description. Any of these things can be observed as a starting point to understanding this aspect of ourselves, and no matter how far you go – you can always go deeper.

The Major Arcana begins with Voidness – Whose number is 0 and represented by a circle. Titled the Fool. The Fool embodies the state of infinite possibilities, the state of pre-story. The moment a story begins, you move into 1 – the Magician, which is followed by 2, 3, 4, and so on. Along the way, the one experiences different aspects of itself (male and female, youthful and mature), internal and external motion, internal and external stillness, stuckness and overcoming, temptation and repulsions, expanding and contracting, all the way up until reaching the grand finale, the completion of the story, the final gateway called The Aeon, and then at last card 21, which is traditionally either called the World, or the Universe.

Patch Tarot Major Arcana The Fool

In Patch Tarot, both the World, and the Universe are their own unique cards, each numbered 21, along with 4 more cards to make a set of 6. These extra card 21’s can be used inside of the deck itself, or be removed as altar pieces or sacred energetic symbolism to be placed around one’s house, or gifted to others where you see fit. Because these cards are very sacred, they are not published on this website at this time, but complete descriptions are available in the Book of Patch, and are included in every physical Patch Tarot deck sold.

To begin reading about each Major Arcana individually, start your journey with the Fool. Full Card Description pages coming soon!

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