The Court Cards

The court cards can be observed as a 4×4 grid, and as an addition to the Minor Arcana. There are often many different names for these court cards, such as “Page, Knight, Queen, King” or “Princess, Prince, Queen, and Knight”. For the sake of simplicity, in Patch Tarot we have titled them “Princess, Prince, Queen, and King”.

The Princesses are the element of Earth.

The Princes are the element of Air.

The Queens are the element of Water.

The Kings are the element of Fire.

Further, there is a court for each suit. Thus you have a Princess of Cups, a Princess of Disks, a Princess of Swords, and a Princess of Wands, which each represent their respective element WITHIN each respective element. (So the Princess of Cups would be the Earth aspect of Water, for example). Repeat for each character, giving you a grid that looks like this below.

 Disks (Earth)Swords (Air)Cups (Water)Wands (Fire)
PrincessEarth aspect of EarthEarth aspect of AirEarth aspect of WaterEarth aspect of Fire
PrinceAir aspect of EarthAir aspect of AirAir aspect of WaterAir aspect of Fire
QueenWater aspect of EarthWater aspect of AirWater aspect of WaterWater aspect of Fire
KingFire aspect of EarthFire aspect of AirFire aspect of WaterFire aspect of Fire

It’s worth noting that each court card character also carries an important personality signature, which comes by observing Male and Female energy, either Youthful or Mature, and in relationship to each element. The Prince and Princess are youthful, the Queen and King are Mature. The Prince and King are Male, the Princess and Queen are Female. In a grid, it might look something like this:

Young Female EnergyYoung Male EnergyMature Female EnergyMature Male Energy

Generally when drawn in a reading, Court Cards can be observed in a number of ways. Often, they are read as people in your life, or aspects of yourself. They can also signify, places, events, or things too. Because of this, reading the court cards can often be the most complex cards in all of the Tarot, but that is simply a signal of just how deep you can go with them.

Therefore, do not limit your understanding to these previously mentioned connections and grids, but keep making connections and strive to learn more. However – for those of you just getting started, having this understanding will be monumental in helping to understand what these alchemical combinations mean.

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