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We have two different YouTube channels for our various projects just to keep things tidy! Our main YouTube account is the original Spirit Science YouTube channel, where you will find all of the Spirit Science episodes, as well as the Patch Parables series!

Our second channel is the Spirit Studios channel. Here we publish our other series that we work on, such as Everyday Magical Things, Minute Faith and our Spiritside live hangouts! The studio channel will also include many behind the scenes videos and other projects we create down the road.



We actually have three different Facebook accounts you can follow to keep track of the various projects and ongoings around Spirit Science, the Studio and what is still yet to come!

Spirit Science is the main Facebook page for the channel, and will primarily be posting updates for new videos, articles and other inspirational content!

Spirit Studios is our studio Facebook page and will post special behind the scenes content and other live videos from our public events!

Spirit Shirts is our Facebook page dedicated to people who are interested in our clothing products and will post special sales and regular updates when new items are available!


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