About Spirit Science Central

Spirit Science itself originally started as an animated cartoon series on Newgrounds and YouTube back in 2011 by a young man named Jordan David Duchnycz. His intention was to share the excitement he felt for the spiritual connections he was discovering with anyone and everyone who found these topics to be of interest!

Spirit Science grew and evolved alongside the personal growth of Jordan, his friends and the larger spirit family that was created. Always moving closer to his dream of building a sacred space where individuals of like heart-and-mind could come together and create all manner of spirit projects collectively.

Over time, many different spirit projects have been created, including Spirit Shirts, Patch Parables, Minuit Faith, Everyday Magical Things. Each day we move one step closer to this goal of bringing people together under the common banner of pursuing the understanding of spirit, science and compassion for all!

Our newest project is this website, Spirit Science Central, and it’s main purpose is to unify the various video series and projects we’ve created over the years to organise them into an ever growing template we can all use to help ourselves and humanity move towards even greater harmony!

We are so glad to have you joining us with your presence and we hope the content you find within Spirit Science Central to be clear and uplifting for your body, mind and soul! Many of our pages have options to leave comments and we would love to see your words added to the global conversation! Also you can connect with us more directly by sending us a message through our subscription page!

Thank you for being you and know that you are loved!!


Spirit Science

The founding project of Spirit Studios is Spirit Science itself, which are animated videos that explore the spiritual aspects of reality, aided by our tools of science to discover deeper truths in our everyday lives. Topics range from our thoughts to meditation, crystals, sacred geometry, and even the vacuum of space, ever exploring deeper into the unknown.

Spirit Science is an ongoing series and updates regularly! To get notified when new episodes come out, you can sign up to our email list here, or subscribe to the Spirit Science YouTube channel here. Or both! On this website, we have put a great deal of love into a new, simplified layout which supports learning in a variety of categories.

To tap in, check out the Spirit Science section by clicking here, and have fun learning through all of the levels of your consciousness!

Patch Tarot

Patch Tarot is one of our largest undertakings recently, and is a new look at the wonders of Tarot through the eyes of Patchman! Each card had been meditated upon until a vision of the card was established, and then hand painted with as much love and care as we could muster!

In addition to the tarot cards themselves, we have also been working very hard to channel all of our awareness of the Tarot into a book explaining it from the top down and the bottom up, which we have called “The Book of Patch.” This book contains information relevant to both young learners of Tarot, and seasoned experts alike, and is a powerful tool in expanding consciousness for anyone who is seeking to understand.

To learn more about Patch Tarot, click here, or visit our Shop to see what Patch Tarot items we have currently available!


Spirit Shirts

Spirit Shirts was created back in 2012 with a very purposeful and loving intent to transform the way that we think about clothing and handmade goods. Spirit Shirts are more than just t-shirts, but wearable art which have been embedded with crystals and meditated upon to bring a shift and raising of energy to all who wear it.

Starting with the Base Material, we chose the highest quality of Organic Bamboo fabric – incredibly soft, comfortable and completely natural. We want you feeling good, and feeling spiritually uplifted when you put one on.

We then have used a powerful method for infusing Crystals into the shirts, taking crystals that resonate with the specific chakra frequency, and turned into a fine powder by hours upon hours of grinding the crystals by hand with a mortar and pestle. In a deep and powerful meditation practice, they are infused into the ink, which is then screened by hand into the fabric itself.

We have an entire page describing the how Spirit Shirts came to be and our vision of where this project could go which you can enjoy here! You can also sign up to be notified when new batches are available by subscribing to our email list here. You can also like our Spirit Shirts Facebook page here!

Spirit Studios

The Studio is the heart of the Spirit Science! In the beginning, the Studio was Jordan in his parents basement making videos about what he loves. Today, the Studio is embodied in a Spirit House, where the 3 members of the team work and create together on a daily basis with the principle goal to shine light, spread love, and raise consciousness.

To the studio, creating quality and uplifting spiritual content is the highest purpose, and we wish only to see humanity move closer towards global harmony! You can learn more about us personally by checking out the Spiritside Chats, or reading about us on the Studio bio page here.